Budva & Kotor Old Towns & Riviera

Just as the pearl is precious, so is our tour exciting. This tour is especially attractive for those who like to stay close to the sea and explore the beauties of the Montenegrin coast. Old town Kotor & Budva with landscapes & lookouts.


The first photo stop we will take above the one of the most interesting island-city-hotel, Sveti Stefan. This used to be a fishing village, but today it is visited by many celebrities and royal families.sveti stefan island budva riviera

The photo stop was short as well as the drive to the first old town that we are going to visit today. Budva Old Town is center of our tourism and night life in Montenegro. Something like Miami in USA. We all love it. And how could we not. A blend of medieval, modern and attractive. Something for everyone.

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After visiting Budva our road leads back to the self-proclaimed capital of Boka Bay - the city of Kotor. Its old town is a medieval place with a history dating from over 1000 years B.C. It is also known as a maze town because of the intertwined streets and small Italian-like piazzas with interesting names and stories throughout.

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If you get lost, which is not uncommon, look for one of three entrances. The walls inside tell the tales of many nations who came to conquer them. And their presence is still visible in the architecture. Cobblestoned streets, staircases, churches and cathedrals, rustic cafes and restaurants blend in subtle symbiosis hard to resist.

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Old town Kotor is one of those places which takes through time or transcends to the next spiritual level. Since 1979- the Kotor's old town is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List which makes it one of the most unique towns in the world. 

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