Tastes of National Park Skadar Lake

If you ever wondered how a scene from a movie would look in reality, you are at the right place. With the smoke rising from the water surface in the morning, to the hidden islands with monasteries, this piece of nature is all about stories.

Our story starts at the edge of the lake, in the village of Virpazar with a cup of locally brewed coffee. And then it’s all about legends and myths and some geography.

Our route is through water lilies that Skadar lake is famous for. And it’s not just a trip from A to B, although it would be enough for newcomers.

skadar lake montenegro

A wooden boat of our captain has his own story, and then there he is – a captain who’s got every little corner of the lake in the palm of his hand. Making our way through dense vegetation and tight water passages we are headed towards the village of Brceli.

skadar lake wine tasting

You’ve guessed it – it also tells an interesting story. For example, its houses are so close to one another, yet for no visible reason. That’s because it hides underneath. During the Ottoman empire’s rule, Montenegrins were moving through the tunnels dug beneath. And some of the stops were made in someone’s dining room - turned tavern. And it’s no wonder. Because the area where the village is situated is known for grapes and locals work magic with it.

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To prove us right we are taking you to one of the wineries to try your taste buds. And they surely will be occupied with the best things on the menu: handmade bread, ham, cheese, olives, wines, rakija, local snacks. Maybe we’ll be lucky and try some of the catch from the lake that day.

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