Northern Montenegro package tour

A tiny country at the edge of the Mediterranean offers splendid sights along its rather small coast. But what really makes it a paradise among tourists is a bit further from the sea.

Montenegro is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Europe. That's why, we decided to show the rough side of the country to all those curious eyes who like to enjoy in untouched nature, immersed in never-ending green landscapes, rivers, and lakes. Also, the north provides all – be it active or laid back holiday.

durmitor montenegro private tour

Our road leads along with Podgorica's trademark – river Moraca and its canyon. The sheer depth of the canyon is breathtaking while small river rapids tell the stories of old in mesmerizing fashion. We arrive at the Moraca monastery, but it's not all about religion. It's more of a spiritual quest around the place which simply offers – peace.

After charging the inner batteries it is time to set foot in an area seen only in movies. Biogradska Gora is one of five National parks in Montenegro. The center point is the lake surrounded by nothing less than a rain forest, one of three remaining on the continent.

national park in montenegro outdoor activitiy Copy

Then we switch from Moraca to Tara river canyon. And if you don't know it by now, here's some geography lesson: it is the deepest canyon in Europe. Some say it is the second deepest in the whole world. But, don't be bothered by numbers. It is deep.

One of the points from where you can understand how magnificent it is is the Djurdjevica Tara bridge. The man-made structure connects two banks and serves as a part of an international road network. Hidden in the evergreen forest the bridge is also considered as an entrance to yet another National park, called Durmitor. Massive mountain range with the highest peak of Montenegro lies on the verge of town called Zabljak. 

tara bridge durmitor national park

The next day is all about proving that paradise from the beginning of our story actually exists. Zabljak itself is interesting to discover. But what it's most famous for is the Black lake, nature's wonder hidden at the foot of Durmitor range in the middle of the forest. One simply has to take a tour around it and admire wild beauty that Montenegrins likes to brag about.

north of montenegro

For some time now Zabljak has become a tourist hotspot, so if you are looking for some adrenaline we could arrange hiking tours, horse riding, jeep safari, etc. But think about energy levels, because you’re going to need them for what’s to come.

This area is known for the most spectacular photos made in the country, so don’t forget to take a shot or two. But that is not all. Locals here are famous for their culinary expertise. Traditional dishes are the right way to close the day in style.

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