Lately, Montenegro has become of the best selling tourist hotspots in Europe and beyond. Sandy beaches, mountain peaks, canyons, inlets, medieval towns, and a spectacular bay create a wonderful story which is hard to resist for millions of tourists all around the world. Many of them come through cruising companies who anchor in the port of Kotor. Their guests have the opportunity to scratch the surface in a couple of hours. Left intrigued, Montenegro will make them come again, for sure.

An old saying goes: less is more. Well, that’s the case with Montenegro. In just a few hours it is possible to visit most of the breathtaking places. Very best of them are included in this tour. Hence the name.

If you ever wondered how a scene from a movie would look in reality, you are at the right place. With the smoke rising from the water surface in the morning, to the hidden islands with monasteries, this piece of nature is all about stories.

Just as pearl is precious, so is our short adventure. This tour is especially attractive to anyone with little time to see the great things.

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