Mont Travelers Montenegro vacation package

This seven days course leads through all Montenegro has to offer. Sea, mountains, natural and cultural heritage sites… The beauty you can just imagine, it is all there for you.

Upon arrival, we will take you on a night out in Podgorica. Its busy streets are buzzing with urban spirit and young people thirsty for good fun, so you better not miss it.

The next two days are all about nature and the real adventure begins. We head to the National Park – Biogradska Gora. Breathtaking scenery and Biograd lake make it one of the must-haves in tourist diaries. 

north of montenegro

We go through the deepest canyon in Europe, made by river Tara and head on to Durmitor National Park. Its “capital” Zabljak is a sight to behold. With Durmitor peaks all around, our choice is called Prutas. The medium hiking tour leads to the point with a great view of glacial lakes and pine forests below.

Since at the Durmitor it’s all about water, rafting is the main attraction. 18km of rapids at Tara calls for an unforgettable experience. 

rafting tara river

With most of the north covered, it is time to get down to the sea.

Boka Bay is the number one pick. And how can one get to know it better than from the sea?

The sailing all-day tour will discover some hidden places like Blue Cave, small beach accessible only by boat but some modern and luxury resort-like Porto Novi and Lustica Bay. Porto Novi these days offer some of the best restaurants lead by Fusion and Bloom. Depend on your taste we suggest picking one. 

kotor bay sailing tour

For the end of the day discovering the secrets of Old Town Kotor on foot is always a good choice.

With Kotor in books, we head towards old town Budva and St. Stephan. A cradle of modern-day tourism in Montenegro, these two sites represent the posh side of the country. A playground for the wealthy they are called. After parting ways with the Adriatic sea it’s time to pass from salty to fresh water.

kadar lake adventure montenegro

National park Skadar lake offers many possibilities and just one of those is kayaking.  Hard work requires hard to rest, so that’s why we head to the village of Rijeka Crnojevica and visit local wineries to taste their one of a kind wines and cheese selections. Wouldnt be complete feel without boat cruising through a fairytale channel of the lake and river.  

skadar lake rijeka crnojevica tour

On top of that, a visit to the old royal capital Cetinje, on the foothill of National park Lovcen and village of Njegusi is the right way to get to know Montenegro’s history, tradition, and way of living. Lipa Cave adventure for the end of the tour and final back to the starting position.

The complete itinerary can be changed on your request as this is just our proposal. We are a tailor-made company and our experts are happy to improve all our services and satisfice your needs and taste. 

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