Old Town Bar (Stari Bar) & olive farm

An old saying goes: less is more. Well, that’s the case with city of Bar. In just a few hours it is possible to visit the medieval Old Town and enjoy the traditional cusine. This tour is a perfect getaway from the summer heat and a break from everyday life.


Usually perceived as the largest port of Montenegro, Bar offers a surprising mixture of history, culture and gastronomy.

In addition to walking along the promenade, only ten minutes drive from the port of Bar, there is the Old Bar (Old Town of Bar), generously open to all curious visitors.

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The Old town of Bar was built at an ideal strategic position, at the foot of Mount Rumija where it is protected by steep cliffs.

Almost entirely destroyed by the 1979 earthquake, today, the Old Town of Bar is an open-air museum with many buildings being restored. The distinctive Clock tower, originally a medieval tower, was later repurposed by the Ottomans.

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It pleasantly surprises visitors with its beauty and size. The whole region is famous for its old olive trees. Olives have been around in this area for over 500 years.

Protected by the law, loved by the locals, every grain and drop of olive oil is highly valued both among the locals and among the visitors.

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Nearby, the local hardworking family Metović preserves the time-honoured oil production method, with the stone wheels still draining the tasty Bar Gold – a delicacy which may be savoured among the Dzidzarin’s olive trees, accompanied by the traditional Bar cuisine. (Photo by Flor Saurina on Unsplash)

 This tour is a perfect getaway from the summer heat and a break from everyday life.